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Back seat driver (A nagging person sitting at back seat of the car. Can also be used in an work environment (micro manager)
That manager is a BSD, he is always looking over my work and correcting it.
by Rageanitus February 05, 2014
1 2
Big Swangin Dick
This bitch needs to shut up or I'm gona give her the B.S.D.
by Kizzle Wizzle December 12, 2003
11 13
Bitches Self Destruct. The idea that bitches will get what is coming to them after fucking over a guy (not in the good way). May involve another guy performing a Houdini Surprise on the girl for messing with his bro.
Guy 1: Yo did hear about Rachel? She got a face full of jizz after leading that guy on.

Guy 2: BSD nigga
by negrosaurus January 20, 2011
28 31
Bermuda Shorts Day, an epic university-wide party and U Calgary. Takes place every year on the last day of lectures. Originated in April 1961, with the majority of campus students attending in colourful summer shorts. Modernly takes place in the University parking lot #32, with music, beer and overall awesomeness. Was proposed to be renamed to "Bitchin' Snowpants Day" due to the unusually snowy weather conditions on the 50th aniversary (2011).
We are going to get smasehd on BSD.
BSD is the best day of the school year.
by Nar-Whal April 14, 2011
11 15
BSD: Bangs sluts daily

Used to describe someone who was sex with hot women on a daily basis
Guy 1: How does that guy manage to BSD?
Girl 1: I hear he has a huge dick
by Blaze Stalion September 26, 2011
15 25
Big Swinging Dick, as in the head boss of a company. Similar to HMFIC.
He's the BSD at XYZ corporation.
by Tomcat March 24, 2005
67 77
n. The quality of being foolish, insincere, deceitful, or

misleading in verbal expression.
She is the queen of bsd bullshit drama
by naturalflow June 21, 2010
4 21