British Sky Broadcasting
Sattelite Broadcasting Corporation
"Do you have cable"?
"Don't be stupid - we only have BSB"
by Lucid Entity January 28, 2004
BSB or Bull Shitting Bitches.
A term used to describe any female of any age that does nothing but bull shit.
Guy: Hey girl what are you doing this weekend?
Chick: Nothing
Guy: you wanna chill
Chick: Sure Okayy!!!

The weekend
Guy: we still gonna chill
Chick: no im sorry ive got to go shopping with my mom and friends.
Guy: Damn shes a BSB
by TRM The Truth April 15, 2009
BSB = Bull Shit, Bitch
Me: My ear hurts.
Person: That's BSB.
by Not a stupid idiot September 04, 2005
Bathing suit Body, a hot body when one wears a bathing suit, preferably 6-8pack abs and an over all well defined torso.
It's only Februrary, but i'm going to the Bahamas this summer, gotsta work out to get my BsB.
by Don't Worry bouts it February 13, 2008
Back-Stabbing Bitch, a person who uses you and then stabs you in the back...
Man, that bsb got me real good today
by Natray January 09, 2007
bum suck boy (BSB). basically, when a boy sucks bum by putting a straw in the anus and sucking to give maximum pleasure to the guy sucking.
adam is being a BSB, he stuck a straw up his boyfriends bum to suck it out.
by AdamWa June 25, 2010
Bad-sequence-of bitches; when a group of girls walk by and every single one of them is unattractive...
"Hey that was a long bsb."
by Mallott January 17, 2008

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