bum suck boy (BSB). basically, when a boy sucks bum by putting a straw in the anus and sucking to give maximum pleasure to the guy sucking.
adam is being a BSB, he stuck a straw up his boyfriends bum to suck it out.
by AdamWa June 25, 2010
Bad-sequence-of bitches; when a group of girls walk by and every single one of them is unattractive...
"Hey that was a long bsb."
by Mallott January 17, 2008
when a girl tells you that she had sex in the back seat of another persons car and does it rapeatedly (back seat bitch)
friend 1:i shag a guy in his car last nite
friend 2:you such a bsb
by tynan09 November 11, 2007
backside bitch :-

Someone that looks great from the back ;
opposite is true whn they turn around .
person1:Wow , look at that gurl , she is working alright ! Oh yeah turn your around baby ,oooouuuuu CHOW !!!!she is a BSB
by warna_2003 February 22, 2005

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