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Burbank's Popular Kids

A bunch of loud and reckless girls who run around LA causing chaos and making a mess.
Initiated in Burbank, CA
Omg! Look! its BPK!!! RUN!!!
by pops123 April 10, 2009
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Anacronym for Badly Packed Kebab. Sloppy female genetalia often seen in low quality top shelf mags, older women and fat girls. See Moose Knuckle.
The outer labia are the Pitta Bread, struggling to contain the inner labia, which resemble doner meat falling out the top.
As with Doner Kebabs, BPK's are generally only eaten when very, very drunk.
Q: So you hungover beeatch, u pulled that fat slag last night, did she have a tight poont?

A: Nah man, she had a B.P.K. mate... I still ate it tho.
by Phil the Irrepressible Beatmonkey September 06, 2004
Beer Pong King... exceptional beer pong player unmatched by most, if not all
he is known as BPK, undefeated champion
by Absolut_royal December 16, 2009
stands for Brown Pride Kings, a type of gang that reps blood
i roll in bpk, my name is king keelo
by dont even trip December 29, 2007

A hard keylogger for antivirus' to detect, thus being near perfect
OMFG bpk hax0red my runescape account
by Kyle Biddle August 02, 2004
Brown Pride Kings. A mainly hispanic gang. They represent 5s, aka people nations. They contain crews such as DKSC, JASC,and more. It is very large in California, and southern Los Angeles. Stars and crowns are some of the symbols (like the Latin King and Queen nations) (Some refer to BPK as a chapter in ALKN/ ALKQN)(other 5 nations are not limited to kings, and bloods are known to fall into that catigory, although kings and bloods will war eachother)
N*gga Imma bpk solja 5 lif!
ye we claim bpk
brown n gold, that cali king bang

(face book) bpk solja
by BPK SOLJA May 19, 2008

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