Bonner on the spot hot
Man that girl is bosh!. (Bonner on the spot hot)
by Easy V June 25, 2010
It has pretty much the same meaning as boss. So it means cool, or awesome.
'oh damn! those shoes are bosh'
by unknowncan1 October 26, 2009
When you're having sex while taking a poop on the toilet.
I saw that couple having a bosh when i walked in the bathroom!
by Jaywoody July 09, 2009
Term used to verbally stress frustration, and to avoid using Buddha's name in vain.

Omb (Oh my Buddha) has replaced omg (Oh my God). Now to continue the pattern, bosh replaces gosh.

-"Bosh! you imbecilic moron!" (said with same inflection as "Gosh!" in Napoleon Dynamite)

-"Oh my bosh!" (why continue saying oh my gosh when bosh sounds oh so much cooler) !
by C-bearizzle August 12, 2008
A Bosh is a home made modified gravity bong. Used more widely in southern states of the US, the Bosh is created from a bottle with holes in the bottom. Then a cap, with a bowl attached(using a socket from a tool set). You light the bowl and pull up, forcing smoke down and water out, then you hit it. This is a very good way for getting messed up.
"Whoa man, that dude just hit that bosh! IT was such a big hit."

"Geez! That bosh fucked me up straight dude."
by KonamixJPE July 25, 2008
1. to ingest something; generally of a narcotic nature
2. hard dance music
3. to dance in a very energetic fashion, generally under the effects of stimulants
1. "hurry up mate, bosh them disco biscuits and let's 'ave it."
2. "last night was great, some absolute bosh tunes were played"
3. "i'm off to the dancefloor for a bit of a bosh"
by TryxX May 31, 2008
To use a food based product to aid masterbational technique and sexual experience
"ah man, steve got drunk, cut a whole in some spam and boshed it so hard... he must love his spam"
"olivia boshed herself good with that courgette"
by Handal October 28, 2006

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