another word for bomb:]
My name is Rhianna and i love bomps!
by BOMPSSSS October 08, 2007
Top Definition
to have sex with, get nasty, toss the salad, fuck, get your freak on....
i bomped your mom last night.
by bompmaster2004 October 04, 2003
BOMP ~ it means to bump grind, be in love,to be with, cherish, to hold, to have sex and or to be intimate with your significant other. a group of sex addicts.

hey i think that you and me should BOMP somtime.
do u want to bring me to our BOMP meeting tonite?
by mia P March 12, 2009
to activate one's car horn, usually for the purpose of letting someone or something know you are trying to move forward.
The car bomped to let the kids know to get off the road.
by baileybabe March 13, 2011
Bob.On.My.Penis. Used either when you are rejecting someone, or are honestly just trying to have some bitch Bob On Your Penis!
"That bitch has her period, I'm not tryna get that shit all over my dick, I'm just gunna tell her to B.O.M.P!"

Girl: "How could you break up with me, I love you so much! I wanna get back together with you!"
Guy: "NAHHH CHILLLL, B.O.M.P!" *walks away*
by Allisunshinex August 07, 2009
An adjective used to describe a filthy whore, dirty skank baby, or a tryfling ass hoe.
1. Boy howdy, did you see that girl walking by us? Man I would never stick my jimmy in that bomp.

2. Boy A - Yo man I totally busted a whole entire load up in this bomp last night.

Boy B - Umm...schmerr

3. If I lick your asshole will you get your bomp of a mother to come cuddle fuck the shit out of my foreskin?
by SonyBonorooskie August 23, 2009
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