Body Off Baywatch Face Off Crimewatch. A girl with a lovely personality. A girl with a face like a chewed-up toffee.
What about that one off Pop Idol? Nah, she's a BOBFOC, definitely a double-bagger!
by morphinemitt April 28, 2008
Body of Baywatch, face of crime stop
BOBFOCS: When you see a beautiful girl with the body of a Baywatch babe, but then you see her face, which is ugly enough to be on crime and all that excitement that was building up is totally lost.
by Dave Bernie January 21, 2008
body off baywatch face off crimewatch. Great body shame about the face.
i pulled a bobfoc
by turn November 02, 2003
Stands for Body Off Baywatch Face off Crimewatch
ah man that birds a right BOBFOC eh?
by DanFuentes August 30, 2005
Body of Baywatch, Face of Crimewatch
Nikki in the BB House is a BOBFOC
by Jaz657 May 26, 2006
An abbreviation of the statement 'Body off Baywatch, Face off Crimewatch'

It describes a lady or gentleman who, despite having a body so hot that it could melt a cheese sandwich from 20ft away, has a facial visage that could rival Shrek for ugliness
"You know that Halle Berry? She's a total bobfoc!"
by DM November 28, 2004
Body Of Bay Watch Face of Crime Watch
yo that bitch is a bobfoc
by Woody365 November 26, 2006
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