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acronym: bed not wed.

when guys see trashy but attractive girls they would like to have intercourse with them, but dont have any intention of forming a relationship with her afterwards due to the fact she is known to get around or dresses like a hooker.
1:"so what do you think of lisa?"
2:"dude your new girl is a total BNW"
by torcia February 01, 2009
Black-n-White - refers to interracial couple. When a black girl goes out with a white boy or white boy with a black girl.
May also be referred to black-n-white homosexual couple.
(Not to be confused with BMW car)
1: "-Hey, man check out that BNW over there?
-Nice :) "

2: "-Dude did you ever tried BNW date?
-You should. Its fun!"

3: "-Yo man, Miami has so much BNW!
-Yeah, I kinda noticed that too."
by Gatecrasher November 24, 2010
Black-and-White, referring to old Black-and-White movies.
Back in the day, BnW was all you could get... now people only use it to look cool and/or relate to past BnW movies...
Brand Name Women
look at that bnw.
by goon March 11, 2004