Stands for Bossy Little Bitch. Many offices feature a woman in her late 40s (or older) who has been employed by the company for many years. Frequently this person tends to be as wide as she is tall (which is often not very); usually the fatter she is, the bitchier. She is often the second or third person hired by the person in charge, believes not only that she knows everything there is to know about the business but knows absolutely the right way to do everything. Due to her long history with the boss, she is not to be crossed or disobeyed. In anthropological terms, she is the alpha female of the office environment.
Bad enough that we have a PHB, now our BLB is giving us all this B.S. billing to do, too.
by NC93 April 12, 2006
Barely Legal Barbie - a term used for underage girls who are generally immature and petty and that think they are hotter than they actually are. Also, used for said girls (generally 20 and under) who try to date older guys and generally piss the guy and his friends off. They are just like a Barbie too. After a while you get bored playing with them and the only thing to do is buy accessories cause they aren't good for anything else. Also can be used as Barely Legal Bitch.
Hey Joe, guess what i picked up at the store today, a blb. she even has her own car.

Cayla is such a BLB
by EvilPotusMonkey July 22, 2009
Big Lip Bitch.
Ugly,fake females, with big ass lips.
Sean: Ahhhh,Son look at that BLB!
Tyrone: she need like a lifetime supply of Carmex for those porkchops she calls lips.
by lalaa001 June 05, 2010
"Be Like Ben"; A phrase commonly used at the Naval Academy that distinguishes those who go beyond the call of duty; also known for bettering the Thunderdome everytime
BLB beat the shit out of the Thunderdome!
by Class of 2006 January 25, 2004

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