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BLB or namely "Bare Legged Beauties"

Describes comely and attractive females that wear clothing which overly exposes their legs.
"He sat there at the park just to ogle at the sheer amount of BLB's loitering around."
by TrickyJebus October 04, 2016
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"Bud Lime Bitch"

Does not necessarily involve Bud Light Lime, however if someone is drinking or likes Bud Light Lime, they are a BLB.

Other qualifications range from being afraid of dogs, to talking out of your asshole, to not being able to swim or ride a bike

Basically, anywhere you feel appropriate.

So have fun with it and remember...

The only thing worse than a bitch is a Bud Lime Bitch!!!

BLB - "Yo man, can you get me a run?"
Non-BLB -"Yeah, no problem. What do you want?"
BLB - "Some Bud Light Lime, it's so delicious!"
Non-BLB - "I don't get runs for BLBs"
by Keith James Moran May 10, 2010
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Best Looking Bitch(es). When walking into a party, it's obvious that this girl (or guy, I guess) is the best looking person there. It's a perfect acronym when referring to a hot person at a party or just place with lots of people if you don't know their name or want to be subtle with your conversation.
"We are going to be the BLBs of this party,"
"Damn, they are the BLBs here."
by Original BLB May 27, 2012
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The letters of B.L.B. each stand for a different word. The first 'B' stands for butt-hole, the 'L' stands for licking and the second 'B' stands for Bitch. In short, B.L.B. is an abbreviation for 'Butt-hole Licking Bitch'. It can be used as a compliment or insult depending on what turns you on.
1. That chick last night turned out to be a B.L.B.!!
by tar-rah December 05, 2007
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A girl that is amazingly sweet, considerate, and beautiful all at the same time. She may not know it but everyone that meets her is instantly attracted to her because she is so personable and exuberant.
Wow man. That is one fine blb!
by did you touch my drumset? November 03, 2011
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Barely Legal Barbie - a term used for underage girls who are generally immature and petty and that think they are hotter than they actually are. Also, used for said girls (generally 20 and under) who try to date older guys and generally piss the guy and his friends off. They are just like a Barbie too. After a while you get bored playing with them and the only thing to do is buy accessories cause they aren't good for anything else. Also can be used as Barely Legal Bitch.
Hey Joe, guess what i picked up at the store today, a blb. she even has her own car.

Cayla is such a BLB
by EvilPotusMonkey July 22, 2009
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Short for Bud Light Bottles. Don't let anyone tell you its Busch Light Bottles. Its not.

Bud Light Bottles.
I am going to drink some BLBs tonight.

"Sitting around drinking some BLBs"
by Kraaaaken October 29, 2009
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