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Butt licker; Someone who licks the anus and crusty poo from another human or animal as a sexual act.

ME: Damn did you hear that Kruger threw down some intensive BL on that whale.

JOHN: NO WAY!! I didn't even think that was possible on her.

ME: Yeah! and he said he found a corn kernel caught in the ass hair

by Dirty Jobs July 17, 2008
8 35
In Japan, BL is the "modern" term for Shounenai, deffinition meaning "Boys love."
No matter how you spell it, english or kanji, you will get NOTHING on shounenai on a Japanese search engine, save dead sites refurring to retro mangas from the 70s & 80s.
by Allaiyah January 14, 2004
798 151
Beautiful Lineswoman

From Seinfeld, "The Lip Reader"

Jerry: She is stunning.
George: Who, the tennis player?
Jerry: No. The lineswoman.
George: Yeah, she is one B.L.
Jerry: What's a B.L.?
George: A beautiful lineswoman.
by lighthouse_keeper April 13, 2009
11 13
Brother n Law ...
"What up BL... ?"
by Kila_T June 02, 2014
1 4
abbreviation of beltlooping, the act of concealing an erection behind your belt or waistband
You should BL in case you get asked to stand in front of the class
by tory botra May 11, 2013
11 26
Abbreviation for Beautiful Lineswoman - a lineswoman at a tennis match that is attractive.

*Taken from the Seinfeld episode "The Lip Reader"*
Jerry: I can't get over how beautiful that lineswoman is.
George: She's a BL.
Jerry: A BL?
George: Yeah, a BL, a beautiful lineswoman.
by rjgoldsborough June 06, 2010
54 73
Barely Legal. A person who has just recently became of age.
She's good to go. She just went from JB to BL.
by Lauren Gio December 28, 2005
28 49
ball lightning, the most deadly force in all three dimensions
how the fuck did you make that hypercube? BL bro
by taz gam March 20, 2004
20 45