Bob... Just Bob; The one who is just Bob
Bob... Just Bob; Me; Badass;
by Bob... Just Bob November 24, 2004
Top Definition
Acronym short for: "Big Juicy Booty"

When a girl's got that donk, but is too shy to call it one
Damn that girl Liney's got a mean BJB
by WhiteBoySwag August 11, 2013
Someone who is an international man of mystery
That BJB on GX is really something
by GXBJB September 22, 2003
Blow Job Boy making fun of someone that is gay who likes the dick.
wow that guy is a bjb
by Kody Cuecker May 21, 2008
a term used to describe an unknown scenario
its all BJB from the word get go
by Simon September 30, 2003
The act of getting a blow job in a basement or underground area
Boy1: "hey i saw your girlfriend over last night what did she do."

Boy2: "she gave me a BJB"
by AJ1097 December 21, 2009
Barry Bonds aka Blow Job Bonds
Shit! Look at BJB slurpin on Jeff Kents knob.
by Peepskin November 17, 2003
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