The "cornpone" rhetoric that Bill Clinton used to bombard American citizens with.
Have you heard the latest billshit about the arms race and Chinese?
by SIDNEY Goldstien October 14, 2003
way to fuckin' expensive
*dude goes and buys a new laptop*
>checkout clerk< "That'll be 563.53 for the 400 MHZ laptop."
Guy 1: That's billshit!
by DeadMan816 March 17, 2008
Any bill or form of legislation enacted by Congress that is complete partisan bullshit, either fully addressing one side's wants or the other side's, but never satisfying both parties political desires.
#1. Barack Obama's socialist health care bill is complete and utter billshit.
by reditalia593 March 22, 2010
the act of complete bullshit without the bull
That's such Billshit!!!!!
by Usurperrh March 05, 2003
Performing an act of utter stupidity, knowing its stupid but doing it anyway and bragging about it later
by Usurperrh March 06, 2003
to use the toilet and leave shit around the ring of the seat.
when bill got up from the toilet he left billshit around the seat.
by michelle October 22, 2003
Something so ridiculous even the thought of lying about the subject is faulty.
When Bill left police on a two-hour car chase down the turnpike, he then convinced himself to ram his brand new car into a large pole going 110MPH. He left without a scratch and all charges were dropped. Now thats billshit!
by Zei March 06, 2003

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