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jizzum from the president. Usually found on the dress of an intern
Investigators found presidue on Monica's dress
by Usurperrh March 05, 2003
The way you order food in a chinese restaurant.
I wanted the mushu but the lady wanted me to Order by number!!!
by Usurperrh March 05, 2003
the act of complete bullshit without the bull
That's such Billshit!!!!!
by Usurperrh March 05, 2003
Performing an act of utter stupidity, knowing its stupid but doing it anyway and bragging about it later
by Usurperrh March 06, 2003
A business ran down the shitter. Management doesn't give a fuck
Regal Cinemas is so regal
by Usurperrh March 05, 2003

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