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A combination of love + hate. It is an adjective used to describe a situation, relationship, person, or object that has its frequent highs and frequent lows.
#1. Jenny has a lote relationship with French IV.

#2. The couple's lote relatinship eventually got the best of them.
by reditalia593 March 15, 2010
#1. A phrase used to describe the resent or displeasure one has to perform a task or assignment. Used to make such a task given more painful or agonizing than getting fucked by a rusty spoon.

#2. A term of excitement, surprise, or awe.
#1a. I'd rather get fucked by a rusty spoon than go out with that chick.

#1b. Mom: "Daniel, take out the trash and clean the dishes!"
Daniel: "I'd prefer getting fucked by a rusty spoon than do that!"

#2. Brianna: "I won a trip to the Bahamas!"
Will: "Well I'll be fucked by a rusty spoon, that's great!"
by reditalia593 March 14, 2010
Any bill or form of legislation enacted by Congress that is complete partisan bullshit, either fully addressing one side's wants or the other side's, but never satisfying both parties political desires.
#1. Barack Obama's socialist health care bill is complete and utter billshit.
by reditalia593 March 22, 2010
When an athlete or a team wins so consistently (mainly in Motorsports, but is applicable in other sports as well) that it ruins it for everyone else and no one else wants to participate in it or watch it anymore because of the overwhelming predictability. Named after Michael Schumacher, whose 5 back-to-back Formula One Championships led to huge declines in ratings & race attendances.
#1. Nascar's ratings are going down the drain because of Jimmie Johnson's full blown Schumacher Effect.

#2. Valentino Rossi & Sebastian Loeb have spawned their own mini Schumacher Effects in MotoGP and the WRC, respectively.
by reditalia593 March 21, 2010
A person so fantastically white or pale, (not necessarily an albino person) they pose a serious sight hazard to anyone within a visual radius of said person. Can cause between impaired sight to total blindness depending on the severity.
#1. Guy *shields eyes*- "Christ Mary, get a tan, stat! You're becoming an alblindo!"

#2. The massive car crash was caused by an alblindo woman walking along the street.
by reditalia593 March 29, 2010
Where you need to be rushed to if you laugh yourself unconscious or uncontrollably to the point of severe pain. If the injury's extent is too great, a roflcopter may be needed to provide a quick transport to the nearest hospilol.
Guy #1. "Dude, I smashed my car into a pole after swerving away from a group of ducks crossing the road."

(Asshole) Guy#2. "HAHAHAHAHA I think i need to be rushed to the hospilol!"
by reditalia593 April 02, 2010
A binder full of papers that literally explodes if it is full to capacity. Typically occurs when it is full of papers, when you're in a hurry, or at a bad time; but mostly, it occurs with all three at the same time.
#1. Teacher: "Katherine, why are you late to class?"
Student: "I had a suicide binder at the end of last period, it was a real mess. Sorry!"
by reditalia593 March 23, 2010
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