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An acronym meaning: Bitch I'd Like to Kill
My ex-wife took me to the cleaners. What a BILK!
by Phuqit July 31, 2008
to bilk is to steal mainly petrol
"jus bilked bare petrolium get me auntie sue"
by big fat sausage October 01, 2006
when someone vomits up chunks of milk or other dairy products because of drinking too much alcohol
"he just bilked everywhere"
by saucy sauce January 05, 2008
Bitch I'd Like to Kick
geez did you see Lo last night, she tried to steal my sunglasses, what a BILK
by iheartbigsunglasses November 24, 2006
To be straight ballin corruptly, ya heard.
by Tha Great n4r3d March 27, 2003
ALTROCK still 0wnz j00
ALTROCK is straight bilkin.
by Tha Great n4r3d March 27, 2003
ALTROCK 0wnz j00
<@CoFo> bilkin since 89'
by Tha Great n4r3d March 27, 2003

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