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short for best gal pal.
katie : alex, you're my bgp!
alley cat : whats that? it sounds gay.
katie : it means ur my best gal pal.
alley cat : gaaaaaaaaaay.
katie : no its a good thing, ur the best pal for a gal.
alley cat : o ok.
by katie0009 November 10, 2007
8 17
Used when describing, taking or posing in ridiculous ways for pictures, standing for "black girl pose."
Damn, that girl's doing a BGP.
by lolsmileyface123 July 20, 2010
11 4
big girl panties
Cory is wearing his BGP's!
by thebeechisbeach October 05, 2011
10 5
The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the core routing protocol of the Internet. It works by maintaining a table of IP networks or 'prefixes' which designate network reachability among autonomous systems (AS). It is described as a path vector protocol. BGP does not use traditional IGP metrics, but makes routing decisions based on path, network policies and/or rulesets.

Also a Royal Bitch to Configure
Johnny Failed Cisco Class because he couldnt configure BGP
by JMARK2 July 28, 2007
16 12
Acronym for "Bitch Gettin' Paid." 1. Expression of justification for tolerance of annoying job, particularly a job that pays well but requires terrible hours and interaction with annoying people. 2. Daily mantra for lawyers.

Origin traced back to an episode of America's Next Top Model, but there the trail goes cold.
Professional One: God, seriously, I hate this job.
Professional Two: Oh well, BGP.
by EssDeeBee July 17, 2012
3 2
Boy girl promise
Tim: bgp i would never hurt you
Jane: aww, alright. you said it yourself. you bgp'd
by ohnon June 03, 2012
0 0
British General Public or as abbrievated as BGP

Typical traits...

1) Reads The Sun or Daily Star
2) Likes to watch reality TV and rabbles endlessly about it during work hours
3) Worships z list celebities who sees themselves as A listers, even reads celeb gossip magazines, like Heat magazines
4) Likes to go on holiday abroad and force their non existent culture on others including locals
5) As above but prefers to eat food they eat at home to local foods
6) Usually likes to cook microwave meals
7) Likes to complain about asylum seekers coming to their country
8) Likes to listen to local radio listening to influence them on their common tastes
9) Have nothing creative to do or have any hobbies except the above, preferring to pick on those who do...

...not to mention self centered, self obsessed, common idiots who cannot care about anything but themselves, also wouldn't bothered to contribute to charitible causes unless they were approched by a chugger

Also almost bordering on BNP with a pinch of the racism
person 1: Look, theres Jo, I wonder what is she doing
person 2: another bloddy BGP
by Mr N Legge December 07, 2005
29 87