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Battle Field Removal - BFR

Used within forums mainly in threads involving some form of combat.

E.g. Marvel vs DC
i.e. Person A defeats Person B by BFR (Battle Field Removal).
Magneto defeats wolverine by throwing him into another dimension. <-- This is BFR
by TOAA - The One Above All December 16, 2009
Abbreviation used in Rope Rescue and Rock Climbing to describe a substantial anchor point.

Literal abbreviation is "Big Fucking Rock"
Tie off to that B.F.R. and lower the rope down.
by Westley E November 11, 2007
Bang For Roof: When you don't have a place to stay, sometimes you have to Bang For Roof.

Most common amongst bridge and tunnel girls in NYC, East / South Bay girls in SF, East LA girls in Hollywood, New Territories girls in HK, 5th ring girls in Beijing, Pudong girls in Shanghai, Incheon girls in Seoul, etc.
I'm not waiting for the morning train again tonight, so I'm going to BFR with the first person who has an iPhone 5 charger
by catchmeBFR October 16, 2013
BFR also known for "But For Real" for when you are wanting to be serious in a different kind of matter cause you don't know how the victim will take the information. Throw a little twist in there with the BFR.
You need to leave the house right now...haha just kidding...nah BFR!!!

Yo dude I slept with your girl...(long pause)...BFR

Your Dad is so sexy! Can I get his number?...BFR
by MandaMarie247 December 28, 2011
stands for Big Fucking Robot or Robots, pwn lots of people in online game Planetside but look shite
BFR = BIG BIG BIG pwnage
by Arrow January 10, 2005
Big Fat Retard..The BFR is a person who is not literally retarded but is just an idiot. A BFR can be easily described as "that guy." BFR say stupid things that don't make sense and are rather, retarded, for a lack of other words. The BFR is a moron...
God Tom's a BFR! (Big Fat Retard)
by Not a BFR November 04, 2010
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