1. Acronym for Butt Fucking Pods
2. General term used to describe someone who enjoys it up the butt.
We took a shower last night yo, and she dropped the soap so we did it BFP style.

How you like it?
I like my sex BFP.

by The Muppet July 03, 2006
Big Fucking Penis
Big Fat Penis
Girl: how big is it?
Guy: It's a BFP
by alienwareftw August 29, 2005
An acronym standing for big fucking pussy. Often used to describe someone who gives up easily or has no balls. This is a step up from being a pussy. Can be used as a noun or adjective.
Tom: Screw this, I'm not running eight miles!

Bob: Ok, BFP.
by subterranean homesick alien March 16, 2011
Black French Pervert
oh you mean the BFP. yea, he's in Laguna 303
by Lamm!e December 12, 2010
male: big fat prick

female: big fat prostitute
BFP can be applied to your father or your mother.

"your moms is a BFP!"
"your pops is a BFP!"
by M@d@mFuckaLot August 19, 2008
Big Fat Pussy. A muff, vulva, baby chute, snatch, muffin, cooch, cunt of large and bulbous proportions especially when seen from the view of the "uprights" or performing cunnalingus. A mountainous muffin with large and juicy lips that shoots waterfall amounts of juice at you when stimulated properly.
I went down on this chick the other day with a massive BFP. It was almost scary! I felt like a surfer off the coast of Australia riding wave in a 100 year storm.
by Mattyboyee June 05, 2007
Acronym for Big Fat Pussy. BFP is used to describe someone who exhibits hesitancy when faced with a challenge.
You aint nothin but a BFP!
by AK-47 November 17, 2004

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