best friends never
'Me and Sally are totally BFNs'
by dictionary91 May 08, 2010
Big fat negative, usually in reference to a pregnancy test.
"My test was a BFN."
by Akra September 27, 2006
medical slang - serious, life threatening, terminal or just plain un-pleasant condition. Short for bad fucking news.
"I had a patient in here the other day who had some how managed to get one of his testicles wedged back inside his inguinal canal"
"ouch, that is BFN"
by Dr Thom April 16, 2003
A BFN is a Bro For Now
Hey, you're alright for a cab driver. Since you took care of me while I was wasted in Calgary, you're now my BFN.
by Brad - March 21, 2007
BFN = Bitch Fuck Niggas hair cut. When a white girl has her hair cut short in the back and a little longer in the front.
Damn, look at that girls bfn, you can tell shes ghetto.
Look at that sluts bfn.
by Flash24 January 18, 2010

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