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BFN= Bold, Fresh and New

BFN is a style criterion used for purchasing shirts. BFN was created for people who want to stand out and look classy at the same time. BFN is a legacy of the modern era, where confident, hardworking people can achieve anything.

Bold: You walk into a room and people notice you. Less is more-- stay away from anything too busy. The effect must be subtle or you will look like a complete tool.

Fresh: If you could smell colors, the colors on the BFN shirt would smell like a fresh breeze. Light colors, sometimes combined with contrast for emphasis.

New: Only crisp and modern. Don't go near anything faded, ragged, or wrinkled.
Charles: Alex, you look good man, and you are always surrounded by women. What is your secret?

Alex: BFN
by A.Black May 28, 2012

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