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the fine art of folding pussy, or vagina to be 'PC'
That Orgasmi master had three girls in his room last night!
by constantmusic May 30, 2009
what you do when you're looking up words at urban dictionary dot com
I was urban dictionarying last night when I found 'Tweet-Dropping'
by constantmusic April 24, 2009
the act of helping out a situation towards the positive; moving people/situations forward in a positive way from the 'sidelines'. Helping out your friends or family without being completely obvious about it.
Shelly really was being passive progressive when she paid extra money towards rent without being asked when I was sick last month with the flu and missed all that work. She's the best!
by constantmusic June 05, 2009
one who submits words to urban dicitonary and gets rejected.
Donovan is a wordiot for submitting "preregardless" to urban dictionary.com
by constantmusic April 19, 2009
Acronym for Best Facebook Friends Forever -
Add me as your friend and I will be your BFFF...
by constantmusic April 19, 2009

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