Beyond Fucking Everything.
1. Out where the buses don't run.
2. Not a town, a wide spot in the road.
3. In the middle of NOWHERE
Man, I'm a city kid. I couldn't stand living in B.F.E.
by scandalousangel May 31, 2006
Baes For Eternity
Oh my god Rose you used to be my BFE but then you became a bitchy little thot
by Phenomenal13 February 20, 2015
this is an abreviation and it means Bum Fucked Egypt, you are to pretty much use the word when you are lost or dont know were something is or if you just want to say it because it sounds cool.
"dude this place is in the middle of BFE."
by taneboy1000 February 21, 2009
Abbreviation for Bumfuck Egypt. Aka, out in the fucking middle of nowhere. Also known as anywhere in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, North/South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Arkansas.
Friend 1: Damn, Chris's house is in the middle of BFE, innit?
Friend 2: Yup, about as convenient to get to as Kaufmann during a Chiefs game.
by x-MidnightSun-x October 22, 2011
Beyond/Butt F*cking Egypt


the greatest part of Yorba Linda.
Where you live?

BFE! Its the place to be.
by lo_phat July 14, 2009
BUM FUCK EGYPT, or bumblefuck egypt.
bum fuck, or bumble fuck is the middle of nowhere, and the egypt part is because theres nothing but dirt and sand and shitty nothing shit in egypt.
if you live in colorado, new mexico, utah, arizon, ect. you know what im talking about
ps partys are always in BFE.
pps. buttfuck egypt isnt right. they started that cause bum fuck but bum fuck is short for bumblefuck idiots.
He lives 40 minutes from the nearest town in BFE.
by ashhhhhhley September 02, 2007
Bum. Fucking. Egypt-used when you are mad or upset about a certain thing..

there is also B.F.M.T-which stands for
Bum. Fucking. Mrs. Thomas- it is described as a bum fucking a certain cheer coach.
often used instead of 'B.F.E'
girl1 Ugh theres no freaking parkin places..B.F.E!


girl1 Ugh she gave me a hug..B.F.M.T!
by I am Austin Skye March 01, 2009

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