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Acronym for the Academy Award wining actor Benicio Del Toro.
Corinne, "Hey Sebastian, want to go see that new BDT movie?"
Sebastian, "I know you love you some BDT but I don't want to pay money to see Wolfman, sorry Corinne."
Michelle, "Hey I like BDT! I'll watch Woofman with you!"
by It'sColdOutSide December 12, 2010
BDT - Big Dick Telepathy. A telepathic channel in which those which large penises are able to communicate
That guy acts as if he's packin a 14incher. Nah, I'm not picking anything up on the BDT
by Ubangee July 24, 2011
BDT is the person with the biggest genitals in the known universe. His penis is big enough to act as a blunt object that could kill an average-sized humpback whale. BDT's erect penis could easily be mistaken for a small submarine. It has claimed the lives of 13 women, and is wanted for murder in the state of Georgia.
"Are we hanging with BDT tonight?"
by Woundsnjd November 01, 2013
Bend Drinking Team. An organization of drinking friends in Bend, Oregon.
The BDT likes to meet at The Wall and drink on obscure days of the week.
by Bend Drinking Team December 10, 2010
the shorter and less offensive way to say bout damn time.
person 1: Man you know what im gonna start studying for class instead of cramming right before the test.
person 2: Man BDT!!!
by prince merlin January 28, 2010
Brothel Double Thunder (BDT) is a drinking game played with a Dr. Thunder (off brand of Dr. Pepper for poor college students) and rum mixed drink. The game is played only during storms. When you hear thunder you take one drink, when you see lightning call out someones name. The first person to say a name makes said person take a drink. When sirens go off everyone has to finish their drinks. Every time someone has to pee, they must first run to the basement alone to make sure it's not flooded.
A storm is coming, you up for BDT?
Sure as hell am.
by ECbitty July 27, 2011
Stand for: Boss's Daughter's Tits

Based off the terms Boss and Tits which are used to explain how great, or amazing something is.

1.Something that exceeds everything else.

2.Highest level of amazing.
"Did you see that?! that was so BDT!"

"all i have to say is that was BDT! BDT!"
by Vlaks June 14, 2009
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