Stands for Big Dick Slingin'
"Damn look at my boy, he's BDS"
by jaw3614 July 29, 2012
A Commodore 64 computer demo/cracker group called, "Brain Damage Studios" that started in the late-1980s and is very probably still around. They also published the disk magazine, "Hardline".
I programmed the names Icebreaker, Moloch, and Redeye of BDS to the greetings in the scrollies of my demos back in the early-1990s.
by Telephony February 13, 2015
Also known as "before dinner syndrome," this term refers to somebody who gets pissed off when they're hungry. Symptoms include grouchiness, a rise in irritability, and an overall poor demeanor. Cured by eating.
Person 1: "Yo man, John's been acting like a total dick today."
Person 2: "Well, he didn't get to have a lunch break today, so he's got a bad case of BDS."
by DSquad48 January 19, 2013
when doug and i fnally decided the "time " was right . he complained of leg cramps and said he couldnt perform. so i asked him if he has b.d.s. ?
by nanner puddin April 14, 2010
acronym for Big Dick Sex.
M said "Every girl loves Big Dick Sex (BDS)... Even if they say they don't all they want is Big Dick Sex (BDS)."
by CookieMnstr September 30, 2011
back door slut.
a girl who likes it in the ass,

usually wears white shorts (another sign she is down for anal).
guy 1: did you get some last night?
guy 2: fuck yeah, she's a totall bds.
by JavaMashUppp July 29, 2010
Being a Dick Syndrome. Male form of PMS but has no actual cause for this. Further study is need.
Must be that time of the month! BDS?
by desterssssssssss November 10, 2010

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