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Big Dick Mentality-When a guy walks around with the mentality that he has a big dick, even if he really doesn't have a big dick
"Jonathan in grade 9 used BDM to get a hot girlfriend"
by The O-dog May 02, 2004
bdm = big dick mother fucker

girl: damn nigga use a bdm fo real!
dude: fo sho!!
by Michael156818643 December 03, 2006
Big Dick Mafia
Hot Girl: "Ohhh...My man can never satisfy me!"

Big Guy: "Well then, you need to experience the BDM."

In 1982, I started this organization. I am not only a member, I am a co-founder. I am not only a co-founder, I am also the president. We founded this organization to spare all bitches the shame of their men's small cocks. We are devoted and loyal patriots of the BD Mafia. We shall save all the lonely broads because we roll with the BDM. No one else can follow suit, because we are the BIG DICK MAFIA!!

by Big DM August 30, 2008
Bitch-Damn-Monkey: A Monkey that slaps women in the face for looking at people.
That tiny monkey just slapped a bitch, he must be a BDM.
by Franklin Roosevelt December 23, 2005