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Booty Call Implication, from the Community episode 116, where Britta drunk dials Jeff at 3 AM.
Britta's phone call had some serious BCI
by Stardeath February 13, 2010
A place where you can get together with two friends and a pakistani kid who smokes pot, to play tetris and procrastinate
Man what do you have next period
Kid: Health
Haha i've got BCIS
Kid: Lucky
by Duane3215 February 12, 2009
BCI an acronym for Butt Cheek Intercourse is the act of having sex with a girls or guys depending on your style; yuck ass cheeks. Like a titty bang, except with the butt cheeks.
PJ: Erin has got a nice big ass.
Bergman: Yeah, wouldn't mind performing some BCI on those sweet mommas.
by P.J. Hutch April 24, 2008
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