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A magnet school in NJ that fucks you over when you realize you work your ass off for four years, but still aren't going to get into an IVY bc the kid right next to you is on the U.S. Team for the 36th International Chemistry Olympiad. But thats just ONE example... I could just ramble on and on........competition is cut-throat, resulting in a serious case of Senioritis and burn out.
A senior at Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, he placed first in the Mandelbrot Math Competition; placed first at the New Jersey Regional Science Fair; and his team placed first in the New Jersey Science League competition in chemistry.
by BCA STUDENT2 March 26, 2005
A large concentration of computer geeks, engineering geeks, math geeks, science geeks, preforming geeks, art geeks, business geeks, medical geeks, and cooking geeks. It has proven that 67% of all geeks that live in Bergen County and are over the age of 13 go to this school.
Bombing Bergen County Academies whould lower the average IQ of a human being by 37%
by chickenMAN February 16, 2005
Smart school for Smart people. This school houses the smartest Asains from all around Bergen County. Also the only school if you are white then you are a minority.
One Sac lee: Ching Chung wing do dong bo bo:(I have sex with my TI-89 calculator)
by BaAllah23 March 23, 2005
Located in beautiful Hackensack, NJ, BCA is home of Dan Syed Stadium and the former home of the Academy Blues Project, a force for the powers of good against evil in the universe. Oh, did I mention that BCA is also a school?
Pardon me, can you direct me to the ABP concert at Dan Syed Stadium? They are playing the tailgate party before the BCA football game.
by imnotroger September 03, 2008
Home of Dan Syed Stadium, and the former home of the Academy Blues Project.
I yam going to BCA. Can you point me to Dan Syed Stadium? I have tickets to see the Academy Blues Project!
by imnotroger August 29, 2008
Not only the smartest school in NJ, but has great sports and people that go there r goin places. Many people are jealous
I go to BCA and u don't, therefore u suck dick
by Jackass McJackasse December 25, 2004
Cultural home to Dan Syed Stadium (DSS), the victorious Knights, and the Academy Blues Project (ABP). going down to BCA to catch the ABP at DSS? They'll be some rockin' tonight!
by Wally Marshall September 17, 2008
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