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Cultural home to Dan Syed Stadium (DSS), the victorious Knights, and the Academy Blues Project (ABP).
Yo.....you going down to BCA to catch the ABP at DSS? They'll be some rockin' tonight!
by Wally Marshall September 17, 2008
20 9
Butt Crack Alert
nathan:ughh we got a bca

sara: thats a plumbers butt if ive ever seen one
by ur mom at college August 16, 2009
13 7
An acronym for Black Cock Attraction. When a women (or a man) suddenly has a voracious sexual attraction to African American Penis. This can be caused by a number of reasons, most likely attributed to a dissatisfaction with Caucasian Penis.
Me: are u an unfortunate victim of B. C. A.?
Girl: ?
Me: black cock attraction
Girl: ..
Girl: yes
by stalking turkey September 17, 2007
5 2
Acronym for Baruch City Advertising Society, a college chapter of the AAF.
"Hey, I just joined BCAS."
"Oh man, that's awesome!"
by Fred Bubbles October 02, 2006
5 3
1:When a man is too rough during penis to breast sex 2:Boob canyon abraision 3:what happens when you don't use enough lube when you have sex with a girls breast
Damn I had such rough tit fuck sex with this girl, I think I gave her a BCA!
by Darryl Browneater October 13, 2009
2 15