Bergen County Academies. A group of seven magnet schools in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Also the school that has PCS
BCA is hard as hell
by BCA Student November 12, 2003
Butt Crack Alert
nathan:ughh we got a bca

sara: thats a plumbers butt if ive ever seen one
by ur mom at college August 16, 2009
Acronym for Baruch City Advertising Society, a college chapter of the AAF.
"Hey, I just joined BCAS."
"Oh man, that's awesome!"
by Fred Bubbles October 02, 2006
An acronym for Black Cock Attraction. When a women (or a man) suddenly has a voracious sexual attraction to African American Penis. This can be caused by a number of reasons, most likely attributed to a dissatisfaction with Caucasian Penis.
Me: are u an unfortunate victim of B. C. A.?
Girl: ?
Me: black cock attraction
Girl: ..
Girl: yes
by stalking turkey September 17, 2007
The school that we Early College kids have to share a bus with. Contains 87% of the students will in Brunswick County that will over dose on molly by senior year. The students like talking about their fictional sexual conquests and how they are felons and such true thugs for being caught with weed at school. If all of the students were removed from the gene pool the collective human intelligence would increase by 58%. 69% of their student body are crack babies while the other 50% are from broken condoms. Their average IQ is 50 points lower than Brick Tamland's. Their favorite past time is mooching WIFI off of Early College kids that have hotspot. Also as a prerequisite to be accepted into their prestigious school they must have ugly faces and messed up teeth.
BCA Kids are jealous of how amazingly studmuffinly I am.
by JohndoeEarlyCollege October 23, 2014
1:When a man is too rough during penis to breast sex 2:Boob canyon abraision 3:what happens when you don't use enough lube when you have sex with a girls breast
Damn I had such rough tit fuck sex with this girl, I think I gave her a BCA!
by Darryl Browneater October 13, 2009

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