The absolute best thing on earth! It's a jewish youth group for 8th-12th graders! Lots of juicy stuff goes down at the events!! BBYO stands for B'nai B'rith Youth Organization! The best thing on earth especially since it includes senior circle! (the absolute most sluttiest hours of the night in may for jews at kallah(a jewish convention held by BBYO) many many dirty things go down here)
Jew 1: Hey man are you in BBYO
Jew 2: Ya It's fricken better than guacamole man!
Jew 1: Dude I brought guacamole to Kallah last year! It was great! The bros and i ate it all in ten minutes!
Jew 2: Ya?!? Well I brought guacamole to Senior Circle! The chicks were diggin man!
Jew 1: Touche... Touche...
by Cindy Lou Whoe January 03, 2010
The annoying, pretentious version of NFTY. Thinks they're better because they do no Jewish programming and their board positions are in Hebrew. BBYO < NFTY.
A mere devise to hook up with marginally unattractive teenagers who come from upper middle class white families. JAPs.

Treats NFTY kids like shit and tells

them their youth group isn't as good when they've never tried it.
Kate: Hey are you going to that BBYO thing?

Jon: Hell no, I'm a NFTY kid
by biggerandbetter January 09, 2013
A youth group that is a complete copy of USY but with less attractive girls, less fun, and all around less awesome.
"Do you want to go to a BBYO dance tomorrow?"
"Nah, there's a USY dance tomorrow. Even if there wasn't I'd rather watch paint dry than go to a BBYO dance."
"Wow! BBYO does suck
by USY to the Max June 12, 2011
An acronym for "Bye-bye, you're old."
Old dude: "Wanna go eat the salmon patties?"
Young chick: "BBYO!"
by Gary Bushy September 25, 2005
fag version of NFTY, and really gay
Kid 1: Wanna go to BBYO?
Kid 2: NO WAY!!!!!! ITS FOR FAGS!!!!!!!
by Akid243 August 26, 2007
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