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The "Beach Ball of Death". On a modern Apple Macintosh, the spinning "beachball" graphic which replaces the mouse pointer when hovering over a window whose program has stopped responding. Somewhat analogous to the "BSOD" (Blue Screen of Death) on Windows-based computers. Usually BBOD applies when the entire Macintosh is so overburdened or one key program is so hopelessly hung up that rebooting is faster than waiting for the Mac to sort itself out.
I got the BBOD on my Mac when I had about fifty programs up and Firefox got obsessed with a seemingly bottomless web page.
by esmith512 December 21, 2007
Brunswick Bitches or Die. Related to Wiz Khalifa's gang well known as TGOD,Taylor Gang or Die. Brunswick Bitches or Die is the female version of Taylor gang. Brunswick Bitches is all about partying, having fun, lighting up and loving life, and stealing road signs. Brunswick Bitches party hard.
Brunswick Bitches rep Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.
Party at the BBOD house tonight!
by bbod4l December 06, 2011
Big Bag of Doughnuts.

A term used to classify the overly large apperance of an individual. Originated by two gay men in West Hollywood, this term was first used to describe the massive apperance of a drugged up drag queen.
Jason: " GIRL! Look at how big that Queen is, she is so fat."
William: "Boy she ain't just fat, she a Big Bag of Doughnuts!"

Jason: "Eww and he describes himself as 'a few extra pounds'...gag me!"
William: "No sir, he is not just 'a few extra pounds', he is a BBOD!"
by AceLace27 September 07, 2009
Blue Box of Doom. This mysterious figure has become a Planetside phenomenon only seen in a tower when you spawn as a graphical glitch. The infamous General Chat community of PS Forums worships this glitch and has made it into a widely-known religion across the Planetside community.
All hail the BBoD!
by Xevrex August 16, 2008

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