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n. What a woman gets after becoming sexually excited, but not satisfied. The female equivalent to blue balls.
When I left to go watch the game at the bar with the guys, and abruptly stopped orally pleasuring my woman, she got a bad case of blue box.
by Phinneas Q. Butterworth December 23, 2005
89 22
A condition, similar to blueballs but applicable to women, in which the genital area is flooded with blood for so long without release that it becomes painful. Can be both a noun and a verb, and used literally or figureatively.
"I was totally going to do it with this guy last night, and we were all making out and what not, then he left, and now I've got a nasty case of bluebox."

"Considering the way the White house owns Congress right now, Harriet Miers is gonna feel totally blueboxed if she doesn't get confirmed."
by Cosmo October 04, 2005
30 6
A tone generator built and used by phone phreaks during the 70s to illegally obtain free telephone service by synthesizing audio dial tones used for controlling switching stations.
The infamous hacker icon Captain Crunch helped to popularize usage of the blue box in the 70s, making AT&T's long distance phone service affordable for the masses.
by CaptainKrunch March 06, 2008
31 25
The female equivalent to blue balls. the ache one feels when not adequately satisfied by her man (or woman). sucks ass
man, he kissed me all over and then no dick. blue box like mad right now

i was on the rag so no sex. god my ovaries ache. blue box.\\

my vagina could really use some cock. too bad my vibrator is out of batteries. ive got a bad case of blue is a euphemism for vagina.

i have blue box like crazy right now, i guess thats why i started that fight with him...
by unsatisfied_ March 24, 2011
5 6

emptying the contents of one's pockets (and sometimes the clothes as well) into the blue plastic containers at airport security.
When I flew into JFK, they even had me bluebox my comfort blanket.
by leit February 06, 2006
3 7
The act of sodomizing a corpse. Necrophilia
I went out to the cemetery last night, and got myself a little blue box.
by Anonymous February 23, 2005
28 32
Noun - a person's fakest smile; a person's generic picture smile

Origin: Kraft commercials stating, "Kids like the one in the blue box cause it's the cheesiest."
Damn, where's the camera? Kelly's got his blue box on.

Jake: Seriously, I don't mind at all.
Jess: Really, then why are you shootin' me the blue box?
by Jake/JCatt December 04, 2006
9 41