Acronym for "be back never", a derivative of brb. Used when one no longer has the desire to continue chatting, and wants to ditch the conversation.

Usually typed as brb, with the intent of bbn.
cool guy:Hey, he's so annoying, i'm gonna pull a bbn.
friend: sure =\
noob: yea, and then, bla bla bla...
cool guy: Hey man, brb.
noob: Ok
*never comes back*
by Lindendragon July 06, 2005
Top Definition
Stands for "Big Blue Nation" in reference to the fan base of the University of Kentucky Wildcats.
"Did you see the Cats win yesterday??" -Bob
"I sure did! BBN for life!" -Nancy
by oregoncat March 19, 2011
"Big Blue Nation" As in the University of Kentucky Wildcats
Let's go Jorts! BBN!
by BigBlue48 April 02, 2011
Big Black Nigga
Rick Ross is a BBN (a big black nigga)
by johnbrady12 June 25, 2011
bottom bitch nigga
-the worst person in a group who does the dumbest shit
-a dumbass
Me- Jt get off of me with your gay shit
Guy- He plays around to damn much
Me- yeah he just being a BBN
by bigkittyCHSco12 June 28, 2011
1)Bitch By Nature
2)a female who is born a bitch...
3)the girl version of ABN {Asshole By Nature}
4)a girl who doesnt let any guy tell her what to do
guy:ima abn {Asshole By Nature}
girl: please, and ima bbn {Bitch By Nature}
by pantera281 April 14, 2009
(BE BACK NEVER) When you are fed up with talking to someone. Instead of keeping the conversation going just say bbn!
YOU: wow! this conversation is really dry. GIRL: nobodies forcing you to talk to me. YOU: your right. bbn brb dueces one
by MR.STEALYOURGIRL July 21, 2010
"Bitches by nature" exam. Faybo, Ashweed, C-dub, Puddin!!
We tha B.B.N nigga!!
by Ashweed420 December 14, 2006

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