BBN is a signature used by two ninjas who frolic in the Francis Parker school. Standing for "B-Break Ninjas", the term BBN has become a widespread signature throughout the school. During B-Break, these skilled ninjas set up scavenger hunts for other students to enjoy. A wonderous and splendid prize resides in a certain location around the school.
A conversation from a BBN to another BBN:
"yo. Kathryn. do you haz the hat?!?"
"lemme open the locker and get it"
"WOOT. i'll join you. ima finish my activia first, though."
"we are soooo cool"
*high five*.
by January 09, 2010
"Be back never", an acronym akin to bbl, made up by someone and hasn't yet gotten into mainstream use. The person(s) it is used by generally use it when they're about to go away and contemplate suicide.
"Killing self - bbn"
by mikeejimbo January 28, 2005
To get drunk, get into bed, and have sex.
Wanna do a bbn?
by Dr. Fes December 03, 2010
Acronym for "be back never", a derivative of brb. Used when one no longer has the desire to continue chatting, and wants to ditch the conversation.

Usually typed as brb, with the intent of bbn.
cool guy:Hey, he's so annoying, i'm gonna pull a bbn.
friend: sure =\
noob: yea, and then, bla bla bla...
cool guy: Hey man, brb.
noob: Ok
*never comes back*
by Lindendragon July 06, 2005
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