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When a guy is in blue ball mode.

He'll go for anything. No exceptions.
Ronny was BBM'ing on Saturday night and got with the duff of the group.
by ivan1234 September 17, 2010
Boobs to Body Mass index. The size of a females boobs compared to the size of her body. Therefor a girl with small boobs can have a large BBM if the girl is small also.
Dude, that chick might be small, but she has a massive BBM.
by yankeesrawsome April 18, 2011
blackberry messenger, best messenger system ever
1. bbm all day.
2. u got bbm?
3. bbm me.
by celdick June 18, 2010
— noun {bee bee ehm}
1. acronym for Big Bowel Movement;
2. really lame and annoying hipsteresque ad campaign from RIM, the makers of Blackberry to brandize their own instant messenger app.

— verb

1. to discharge waste from the body through the anus
2. to clarify or remove impurities from (a solution, esp of sugar)
On his cross country trip, John had to pull over to the side of the highway because he couldn't wait to get to the next rest stop 30 miles away to go to find a proper toilet. His choice was to take a crap behind a tree or take a BBM in his pants.

Sally bbmed to her boyfriend Stewie that she "just BBMed big time. Boy that enema did a number on my colon."
by tsaroftheWC August 17, 2010
Big Bad Muff. Muff is slang for vagina (look it up) and some vagina's are hairy! A landing strip is tasteful, a bush that spans both legs and up to you belly button is not, its a Big Bad Muff.
If you can see hair poking out of her granny panties then get your weed wacker out, its a BBM. Or simply run away, you wont regret it!
by ejfudd July 15, 2010
BlackBerry Messenger. A messenger just like Windows Live Messenger, but with a fancy name, although Windows Live Messenger offers much more features such as webcam, video calling etc... Yet BBM is a handy tool to get you killed on the road while driving, to the extent of distraction and addiction it offers.
Person 1: Hey, wheres Jimmy? Haven't seen him in a while..

Person 2: Yep, he's long gone. Got BBMed on his way to work..
by Cgsoldier333 August 15, 2010
An acronym for Big Burly Man.
Steve never knew the joys a BBM could bring, until Dan the Lumberjack raped him.
by M Jizzle August 09, 2005