Generaly known as a skater store,for all the non-gamers out there. :/ Very simular to Tilly's or Zumiez.Sells brands such as GRNappletree, KR3W, Element, Vans, Obey,etc.
"I went to Banned the other day and bought this tight hoodie!"
"I dont give a fuck."
by Clairah November 28, 2007
When someone in a gaming forum (e.g. NSider, GameFAQs, IGN, etc.) posts links to gaming websites that are inappropriate or for mature people in the forum (e.g.,,, rom websites, etc.)
Forum Member: *After 4999 minutes being banned was over, Forum Member puts in a mature-rated weblink.*

Forum Moderator: *Banned Forum Member again.*

Forum Member: NNNOOO!!! D:<

Narrator of X-Play: YOU LOSE...AGAIN!

Kool-Aid Man: OH YEAH!
by frodaddy March 22, 2005
meso: i like pie
by meso is banned October 18, 2008
When a poster on GameFAQs, usually on the board LUE, says something which is worthy of a banning from the site.
LUEser: (Insert LUEicide here)
LUSser: "So true, but BANNED!!!11!!!shift+one!!!111"
by Stoufer August 16, 2003
When somebody says something you do not agree with, so you exclude them from your conversation by using the word ' banned '
girl: so what did you do last night after the party? did you sneak out?

other girl: nah i went to sleep. i got scared.

girl: your banned!
by Trackstarrrrr May 19, 2005
An english comedy / rap group who make absolutely hilarious, in your face music. Very popular in north england, still underground.
"We went to see Banned live."
by DReaver13 September 15, 2003

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