1. Sound effect caused by teleportation, or the act of teleporting (bamfing)
2. Bad Ass Mother Fucker
That blue bamfing dude is one bad ass mother fucker.
by Friendly Bucket March 10, 2005
bad ass mother fucker
that kid standing over ther is a BAMF!
by dogeyedave July 11, 2006
dane cook (comedian) looked for a car that would make him look like a bamf....
That guy is a real bamf.
by MeaghanElizabeth April 12, 2006
1: the sounds nightcrawler of the x-men makes when teleporting.

2:bad ass mother fucker.
I wish i could be a bamf like nightcrawler.
by apple_eater January 07, 2009
bad a** mother f*****r
Person 1: Did you see Donny and Emily cut in line?

Person 2: Yea - what BAMFs!
by bake77 February 16, 2011
Bad Ass Mother Fucker.
Chuck Norris. Whata damn BAMF dude!
No one else.
by Kaila F November 14, 2006
monty python is such a bamf
by parc145286973 November 11, 2006

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