Ok this is to clear up the wrongly used definition that Samuel Jackson had BAMF on his wallet in Pulp Fiction. It actually only said Bad Mother Fucker...which is way fucking cooler than bad ass mother fucker. Sticking the ass in there is about as gay as the word illustrates.
Proper use of this phrase would go a little more like this...
-Oh dood you're a B.A.M.F...

-Shut the fuck up bitch (bitch slap the idiot who said bamf). I'm a bad mother fucker and you don't know shit.

by Hunter Black May 19, 2007
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An onomatopoeic sound of teleportation, especially when done by Nightcrawler of the X-Men.

It also can be used to refer to the act of teleporting.
A) *BAMF* "Surprise, surprise!"

B) The wizard bamf'd away as he was about to be killed.
by Zoldge September 08, 2009
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1: the sounds nightcrawler of the x-men makes when teleporting.

2:bad ass mother fucker.
I wish i could be a bamf like nightcrawler.
by apple_eater January 07, 2009
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Bad Ass Mother Fucker - any guy who's remarkably comfortable with his sexuality. he gets "family portraits" taken with his roomates. isn't scraed of a little bromance with the intent of being daringly funny. said roomates, may also dress in slacks and argyle sweaters. maybe even OVER dress to a work function in tuxedos with tails and hawaiian print shirts. they may also have the balls to wear superhero briefs and show them off in public like it ain't no bigs! while out getting drunk, they're not afraid to buy rediculous amounts of "girly" drinks and chug them while chasing said drinks with jolly rancher shots and buttery nipples. these guys are so badass, that some lucky girls might get bought shots of water in a bar. these said BAMFs also have a tendancy to listen to classic songs and may even be caught singing Abba's Dancing Queen at a local kareoke night. also, they might do these things completely trashed off booze, or sober. never know with a BAMF
BAMF - most TACPs and JTACs
by nomex August 12, 2011
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The sound of teleportation, demonstrated by Nightcrawler in the X-Men series.

See also Snikt.
The answer is as quick...
...as it is painful.
by GoblinGrenade May 13, 2014
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what comedian dane cooks calls a bad ass mother fucker
i wanna a ride that makes me feel like a BAMF
by sdt March 25, 2006
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Originated from Marvel comics, it was originally Night Crawlers sound affect when he would teleport. However, Dane Cook likes to be a stupid douchebag and take all the credit and uses the term BAMF as 'Bad Ass Mother Fucker'
Dane Cook: And I was like MAN I'M SUCH A BAMF!


by OmgTheOneGuy April 27, 2009
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