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Probably the hottest most amazing guy on Youtube. He's got a friend named Kyle and makes people laugh in the strangest ways like talking to himself, zebra dancing, rapping, and randomness. Mitchell Davis-Life. EndofStory.
"This is awkward... but I like it." -Mitchell Davis

"I'm getting a headache from all the randomness." -Mitchell Davis

"Randomness is hard. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! ... That sounded really creepy when I said that." -Mitchell Davis

"If you're doing this right now, you're a bamf." -Mitchell Davis

"Hey! I love life ruiners." -Mitchell Davis

"Is Ohio Really For Lovers? No, it's not. If it was, we'd probably be a little happier." -Mitchell Davis

"I'm like a ziploc bag. I'm solid but you can see through me sometimes." -Mitchell Davis
by mitchell's lover. (: April 15, 2009
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An 18 year old living in Ohio, that is to many pre-teen girls across the nation a YouTube God.
"OHMYGOD. Look at Mitchell Davis' new video, I wish I wasn't twelve so my first experience would be legal."
by bbah August 27, 2008
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amazing, hot, cute, hilarious, would tottally tap that kind of guy. you just want to jump right through the computer screen and give him a giant bear hug for just being so darn adorable.
OMG did you see Mitchell daviss new video??
yeah girl, he be lookin fine.
by caddaay February 27, 2009
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A famous YouTuber who's very creative. Designs shirts, wears V-necks, photographer, just pure amazing. He's 19 and lives in Ohio. He's also very attractive! He's really random. Like KanYe West.
"You're really cool, just like Mitchell Davis."
by elephantluvr July 04, 2009
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19 year old male, lives in Ohio, youtube god.
"Mitchell Davis just uploaded a new video!"

"Oh really? what of?"

"Him talking to himself!"
by Rebecca12345 December 12, 2008
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Mitchell Davis is my husband, who is famous by youtube.
Hi, I'm Mrs. Mitchell Davis. {Extends Hand}
by BT the LV August 15, 2008
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