Someone with a very large forehead. Also used to annoy your friends.
1. Damn look at that BAF

Friend: Hey man what's up?
You: BAF
by BAF Hater August 14, 2009
A Baf is short for a "Best Ass Friend". Someone who is an ass, but you still love them to death. Ideally someone of the opposite sex. Adding the "ass" in there is also a way of saying you really love that person. Flirty.
"Hey Stella, nice haircut!"

"Thanks Baf!"
by DestineeLane May 27, 2009
adj., black as fuck. When a person's complexion is extremely dark or exerts the characteristics of a very black person. Not meant in offensive terms.
"I couldn't even see Shawn last night!"-person 1
"Yeah, I know. He's BAF." person 2
by scrimtax February 04, 2009
Beast as Fuck
Overcoming an extreme obstacle through mental or physical toughness.
When Dave performed a perfect detonator to crush a tall-boy bud heavy on his forehead and proceed to pound the beer next to his truck during a NASCAR race it was BAF.
by Phenom09 June 24, 2009
Bitch ass friend. Started in south jersey by a group of friends that didn't like to use Bffs. They tried to be different, by calling each other bitch ass friends. You pronounce this as it's spelled BAF or Bafs for a group of friends
we're b.a.fs for like. Caryn your my b.a.f, you know that. So are you colleen, B.a.f for life
by Eric Gonzalez aguilar munoz June 15, 2008
BAF is an acronym, which stands for “Busy as Fuck.” It is primarily used in inter-office cubicle communities of programmers, systems analysts, and network administrators.

BAF is rapidly expanding into higher education communities at four-year universities. This migration into the vernacular is due largely to the attendance of established technical workers attending four-year universities.

BAF is rumored to have originated in fall of 2004 as a resulting conversation between a network administrator and a systems analyst while attending SDSU (San Diego, CA).
Me: My boss just gave me another major project on top of the three I already have! I will have to work on weekends for 6 weeks!

Friend: Well, between, working full time, going to school in the evenings, family-home life, I guess you will continue to be BAF for a while.
by Mr. T.J. November 16, 2006
bring a friend ...
these mobs baf :/
by Alavas June 28, 2004

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