BAF stands for Best Asian Friend.
For example:

Hey, I have a BAF! or This girl is my BAF!
by Chowmeinness June 07, 2011
*Broke As Fuck

The act of having no money because:

1. you dont gatta job

2. your a loser that still lives with his parents

3. you got parent that dont give a shit about you having money

4. when you ask your parents you need money they say "heres a free 'get a job card'
im dumb ass hungry.......but i cant eat because im BAF

Person 1: Is James going to the game this weekend?

Person 2: Fuck no that nigga is BAF he cant even afford water
by ecallaw-t September 14, 2010
Acronym for "Blow a fart." As in to pass wind, pass gas, flatulence.
Woman: Did you just baf?
Man: Yes I did, I had beans for lunch. It's perfectly natural.
by bafervaf September 09, 2010
The opposite of BAMF (Bad Ass Mother Fucker).

Stands for "Boring As Fuck"
Steve: Hey man! Did you like that porno I lent you?
Kyle: No man, It was totally BAF! Could barely get my dick up.

Lyla: I nearly fell asleep that class..
Cindy: I know. Our bio teacher is a total BAF kinda guy.
by musicmonster6 February 15, 2010
1. adj. An acronym for "beat as fuck" (beat meaning ugly, almost too ugly to look at).
1. Dude all the girls in here are BAF
by cheewawa December 05, 2009
Someone with a very large forehead. Also used to annoy your friends.
1. Damn look at that BAF

Friend: Hey man what's up?
You: BAF
by BAF Hater August 14, 2009
Beat As Fuck
-Did you see that girl?
-Which one?
-The BAF one.
-Oh shit, what a BAF!
by cal2009 June 17, 2009
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