Originally a name for a Russian doll, or an old Russian woman. (EG - Grandmother, Mother-In-Law, Etc)

Also, quite possibly sounds like another name for pubes.
Person 1 - Dude, I can see your babushka.
Person 2 - .. Wait, where?
by RandomUnnamedPersonWhoIs..Unnamed December 06, 2006
its like an over joyed excitement, can't contain myself, i want to scream through my iphone to you
Watching the Grammy Awards and Adele is about to take her sixth Grammy of the night.

Monica: Adele, here we go...
Tara: omgomgomgignginggijf Please!! Adele deserves this!
Monica (adele won) : wooooooooooooooiiiikndfjknnvjndv
Tara: Adele!?!? Babushkas!!!!
by princesssmonika March 16, 2012
anything that is small and cute.
oh that little babushka. (refering to a small animal at the zoo)
by babushka lover March 09, 2005
when a person has a certain quality that makes them special they are known as a babushka.
that girl is a real babushka.
by SKiB May 14, 2005
A Jewish Afro. Curly, puffy, big ass hair.
Hey fucker can you move? Your babushka is blocking the movie screen!!
by Hellaware November 21, 2009
the fourth toe on the male right foot
Look at the size of that man's babushka.

Ahh! You stepped on my babushka.
When a girl slaps her vagina on a guy
Dude I gave my boyfriend a babushka
by Courtie January 31, 2005
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