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how fast ludacris drives so that everyone can see his down ass ride.
Damn, nigga, with a ride like that,, you gotsta drive two miles an hour!
by Pope January 18, 2005
Where your nuts go
Your girl licked my nut sack last night fool, made me jizz.
by POPE August 17, 2003
Background unknown. It refers to the act of excessively and unecessarily touching something in such a way that it causes some sort of mess.
Tom fingerdicked the cake so bad all the icing came off.

Jane, don't fingerdick the glass! I just cleaned all those fingerprints off!
by Pope April 12, 2005
A crazy lady that has been around forever, disowns her grandchildren, and chases people with a stick. To some she is known as Oma or Grandma.
Erin: Babushka!
Babushka: WHAT??? If you stop yapping about that elf from LOTR I will chase you around with a stick!
Erin: But Babushka, you know you love me!!
by POPE March 25, 2004
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