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What Buzz McCallister calls Kevin McCallister in the movie, 'Home Alone'.
"Beat that you little trout-sniffer"
by Bjerrnica July 06, 2005
N- Vagina, usually unshaven.
Kelly showed us her babushka at the Pussy Party.
by Bjerrnica June 08, 2005
A party that is usually around a swimming pool where the girls are naked and the guys are not.
Johnny:I totally saw Vera's tits at the Pussy party.

Troy: I totally saw her butt

Garth: I screwed her through a hole in the wall and she thought I was Chad!

Troy: Cool Garth!

Chad: Aaargh!!!
by Bjerrnica June 08, 2005
1. An insult for someone Jews hate.
(Popularized by writer, Edgar J. Steele's quote, "An anti-Semite
used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews")

2. Semitism is Jewish rule just as Nepotism is family rule.

Anti-Semitism is to be against Jewish rule.
1. The Jews don't like him, they call him an, "Anti-Semite" because he said Palestine is a nation and that Israel is a racist police state.

2. Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh didn't mind Jews but they wanted America's foreign policies to be in America's interests, not International Jewry.
by Bjerrnica July 30, 2005

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