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Big Ass Black Bootay!
Ayy, dat girl gwan be iry, she be shakin dat BABB long ting ye?

Translation: Why good sir, that girl is very fine. She appears to be, rotating her buttoks very finely indeed.
by FionED April 08, 2009
Bad Ass Breaux Bridge. An abbrevation for the totally bad-ass town of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.
Let's meet up in BABB to go to the football game!
by Resident of BABB November 07, 2010
Another word for "kebab". Used by skilled babb eaters.
omg anders pwnz taht babb!!!
by Demolition Daniel June 02, 2005
Broke ass busted bitch
This BABB tryna step to me like im not one of the realest in the bull city
by GODDESS09 January 19, 2009
Bitch Ass Butter Buns:

an insult used to offend someone when they don't know what it means, so its only funny to you and other people that know what it is
"wow logan, you're kind of being a BABB"

"what is a BABB?"

"hahaha it's a secret"
by guyudontkno December 30, 2009
To abandon a friend or friends at a remote location with no means of transportation (usually in inclement weather).
Chris is known to Babb his friends by having them get out to push his car up an icy hill and then driving away before they get back in; thereby leaving them to walk for five miles in a snow storm with no jackets.
by JDubb July 20, 2003
To Babb oneself is to ruin any chances of getting a particularly lady to sleep with you via your own cretinous actions!
If you fuck her little'll babb yourself!
by Jimbo April 02, 2003
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