A term used instead of dollars etc
generally used in Austraila
how much is a beer at the bar?
4 bob
by AUSpatriot February 02, 2015
A bob is a name so you can talk about your period in public.
"My Bob is this month."
"My Bob was last week!"
by NetflixIsBae February 28, 2016
Bob is really a weird and fugly guy who doesn't deserve any food in the summer time. He is usually fat and you usually see him with a hog dog down the street, if you see him be prepared to run. He might attempt to chase you but he is too slow and trips. Bob is quite emotional when he comes to deciding where to pee.
Bob doesn't fit in a telephone box or the subway, therefore he sits on the side walk and cries while holding his hot dog up to his face.
by Greedy the banana January 19, 2016
a narcissist who lies to get his way, hurts people but doesn't care or have remorse
Bob lies to his wife and friends about things he says and does.
by angel two August 09, 2015
Baby. Oiled. Boobs.
For a world class tittyfuck, she let me lube her jugs up so she would have some B.O.B.s.
by Redsonjaoriginal January 14, 2015
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