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In fire department terminology, the department firefighters
are divided into 3 shifts, to provide a full compliment on-duty 24 hours per shift, 7 days a week, 365. A-shift, B-Shift, and C-shift, rotating continually. B-shift is always considered to be the crew that fucks-up regularly and has the most fucked-up personnell.
That sonofabitch is so screwed-up, he belongs on B-shift!

Look what B-shift did now, fucking buttweasels ate all of the chocolate cake!

I'd rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on B-shift.
by Jim Inman August 16, 2006
1 of 3 shifts used in fire department scheduleing. It is by far better than the other 2 shifts with the best firefighters to do the job right the first time. If your house is on fire pray that B-shift is working if you would like your house to be saved. If your house ends up in the basement it's probly because A or C shift showed up.
Person 1: "Thank god B-shift was working to save my house and my family, We owe those guys our lives!"
by Jack Sean March 12, 2012
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