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When peeps realize being hard aint worth it .
Don't be a fool over that getho booty bizzzach. Just bounce and b-easy
by Really August 21, 2004

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beazy beezy b-ez b-ez beazy bizzzach chill fool hard peeps
be cool, do yo thang
sara- holla back
bill- iight be easy!
by Kalyn November 22, 2003
Form of telling someone to calm down.
"It aint even that serious, B-Easy!"
by Dana September 02, 2003
Synonym for bitch. Except, like, so much cooler.
Fuck you, you beasy.
by Max Shlbercan September 08, 2006
A Woman That You Would Sleep With Easily
Damn look at that beasy!!
by tonka Trunk November 08, 2010
Biq, manly,and look real nasty, hiqh water jeanz,A.K.A tim bootz, just real nasty lookn!!!
Yazmine Coleman's mother is beasy.
by JaCala Sanders June 06, 2005