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Biq, manly,and look real nasty, hiqh water jeanz,A.K.A tim bootz, just real nasty lookn!!!
Yazmine Coleman's mother is beasy.
by JaCala Sanders June 06, 2005

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beazy beezy b-ez b-ez beazy bizzzach chill fool hard peeps
be cool, do yo thang
sara- holla back
bill- iight be easy!
by Kalyn November 22, 2003
Form of telling someone to calm down.
"It aint even that serious, B-Easy!"
by Dana September 02, 2003
Synonym for bitch. Except, like, so much cooler.
Fuck you, you beasy.
by Max Shlbercan September 08, 2006
A Woman That You Would Sleep With Easily
Damn look at that beasy!!
by tonka Trunk November 08, 2010
When peeps realize being hard aint worth it .
Don't be a fool over that getho booty bizzzach. Just bounce and b-easy
by Really August 21, 2004