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Pronounced B'Yawesome. Stands for Beyond Awesome. From Disney's Bolt where Rhino the Hamster is cheering himself on into the echoey air duct.
Rhino: "Rhino is awesome...He's so awesome... He's beyond awesome, he's... b'awesome! Hahahahaha!"
by kevnar July 21, 2009
49 11

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6Beyond + Awesome =Bawesome; being above awesome, taking it to a new level9
If you only realized how bawesome I was, you'd get down on your knees and tell me you love me.
by adam469 August 21, 2011
42 11
combination of the words "boss" and "awesome"; created by accident when speaker unsure of which word to say; use caution when saying to women as it can be misinterpreted as "bosom"
"You're bawesome-ness is showing!"
by UDboyz May 09, 2010
30 28
When you are both bad ass and awesome.
Man I'm both bad ass and awesome...I'm bawesome!
by trebor wuz here September 01, 2010
16 39
A contraction of the adjectives bomb and awesome.
Did you see that new car? It's bawesome!
by kmbate September 26, 2006
15 45
A word that is the combination between "Baller" and "Awesome".
i had the most bawesome day today.
by Dustin Davies November 13, 2010
0 33