British American Football team as in Bristol Aztecs.
Thet are a powerful team yet not as great bath cardinals
hurray, those aztecs have lost to bath again!
by DUDE!!!! September 03, 2004
Gone for good, never to return.
"You got any of that pineapple express left?"

"No dice, kid. Shit is Aztec."
by MatthewWM April 20, 2009
the most ugliest vehicle in the world. only a dumbass would buy it and prance around town with it.
don't buy an aztec
by hahahaha September 06, 2003
Yes, the Aztek is a fugly car, but it's spelled A-Z-T-E-K.

Aztec is also a famous Counter-Strike map.
de_aztec is one of the most popular CS maps
by the bg August 15, 2004
Verb meaning:
"to say that you are moving on after an argument, but to never actually do so."
Named after a certain member of a forum who often had arguments, and spent several weeks seeking the forgiveness of other forum members.

Various Meanings:
To declare that one is moving on after an argument, without committing themself.
To suggest moving on after an argument, but never actually doing so.
To announce moving on even when there has not been an argument.
The period of idle between a (sometimes non-existent, or very old) argument, and the period of forgiving.
"You sound like an Aztec"
"You are being a total Aztec"
"stop pulling an Aztec!"
by Colin/Irene December 05, 2004
a log of human waste that is so smooth and clean that no wiping is required upon doing one.
"that was a good shit man, i didn't even need to wipe, it was an aztec"
by jem August 16, 2004
Beaners so obsessed with getting drunk quicker they poured alcohol in their own assholes.
White conquerer: "Those filthy gay aztecs are putting things in their asses again, lets do the world a favor and kill them."
by conquistadorHaHa December 01, 2006

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